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The Stem Cell Transplantaion for Autoimmune

Workshop on The Stem Cell Transplantaion for Autoimmune Diseases  was held on November 18, 2009 at The Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. The workshop was lead by  Prof.Dr. Marek  Trneny and  Doc. Dr.Eva Havrdova , and organized jointly with the MS Clinic at the Department of Neurology and Ist Dept Medicine, First School of Medicine, Charles University in Prague in collaboration with Dept of Clinical Hematology 3rd Medical Faculty represented by Doc. T. Kozak. The purpose of this interdisciplinary gathering was to catalyze collaboration between the hematologists and  specialists treating challenging cases of autoimmune diseases in neurology, gastroenterology, rheumatology etc. Prof.Dr.. Jan Storek from University of Calgary presented the experience with HSCT for autoimmune diseases from Canada and Prof.Dr.. Richard Burt presented the protocols and experience of his team from Northwestern University in Chicago. Doc.. Eva Havrdova introduced the program of  HSCT for MS in Prague.

Interested specialist can be looking forward to another workshop on the Intensive immunotherapy including HSCT in autoimmune diseases to be held in March 2010 in Prague.

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