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Seminars on Differential Diagnosis

Seminars on Differential Diagnosis in Internal Medicine




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for 31.10. 2016        under process





















Placed in General Hospital
Start: at 8.00hrs on Mon 31.10. in the Lecture Hall in the 1st Dept.
Place: Eiselt's Hall, 2nd Dept. Med.
Time: 11:00 - 12.15hrs
Mon 31.10. Dyspnoe and chest pain prof. Linhart 2nd
Tue 1.11.
Wed 2.11. Circulatory failure dr.Bělohlávek 2nd
Thu 3.11. Consciousness impairmets as. Janota 3rd
Fri 4.11. =======================  
Mon 3.11. start at 12.hrs Peripheral blood cytopenias dr. Šálek 1st
Tue 4.11. Nutrition disordes dr. Křížová 3rd
Wed 5.11. Icterus and cholestasis doc. Brůha 4th
Thu 6.11. Bleeding to body cavities doc. Brůha 4th
Fri 7.11. Bleeding states prof. Špička 1st
Mon 14.11. Oedemas, ascites and fluidothorax dr. Bartáková TRN
Tue 15.11. Renale failure doc. Čertíková Nephr.
Wed 16.11. =======================
Thu 17.11. PUBLIC HOLIDAY doc. Čertíková Nephr.
Fri 18.11. =====================

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